New Dry Fertilizer Blending Facility

Ailsa Craig, ON


Project: Hensall District Cooperative
Location: Ailsa Craig, ON
Date: April 1, 2012

Distributor: Green Lea Ag Center

Hensall District is a very progress, industry leading coop in southern Ontario.  30 years ago or so they installed a 90 Ton blend tower at their old location in the town of Ailsa Craig.  through last fall they ran that tower. This past winter/spring they installed a new fertilizer plant and 150 ton blend tower at their new location outside of town.

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Barge to Rail Receiving System for CHS Crop Nutrients

Customer:CHS Crop Nutrients – Muscatine, IA
Project: Barge to Rail Receiving System

Challenge: A method was needed to accurately load rail cars directly from barges. The original system involved unloading the barge into the building and then moving the product with an end loader through the load-out system and into the rail car. No accurate weight was available.

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New Barge Receiving System for MFA, Inc

Customer: MFA, Inc. – Palmyra, MO
Project: New Barge Receiving System

Challenge: MFA, Inc was suffering from a very in-efficient receiving system. It involved filling four rail cars from the barge, then moving the rail cars around the facility to unload the cars in three different buildings. For moving assistance services, there are moving companies quotes here at

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