Floor Systems

At Waconia Manufacturing we proudly boast some of the best built, best backed and the most dependable floor blend systems on the market.

TA Tapered Auger Vertical Blend Systems

Utilizing the industry’s sturdiest frame available, the Waconia TA series blenders are proven quality blenders in use around the globe.

  • Mix tank and inload hopper are mounted on scales, supported by a sturdy frame made of 6″ x 6″ 7 GA stainless steel angle
  • Inside the blender, a 40″ to 22″ tapered auger gently but rapidly moves components throughout the unit
  • Industry’s steepest slope assures a fast, dependable high quality blend
  • A wide variety of discharge conveyors are available
  • Built in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18 ton capacity sizes

Download Tappered Auger Vertical Blender Brochure

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Rotary Blend Systems

Waconia manufactures the industry’s most heavy-duty, well-built, dependable rotary blend systems on the market.

  • Minimum weigh hopper side slope of 45 degrees, assures the weigh hopper will empty completely
  • The rugged reverse dome shape of the main shaft support is stronger than the welded gussets that are the industry norm
  • Compact drive system eliminates the long drive
    shafts found on other rotary blend systems
  • Built in 6, 8, and 10 ton capacity sizes

Download Rotary Blend System Brochure

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Orbital Blend Systems

The fertilizer industry’s most accurate, high speed blend system is available from Waconia Manufacturing. Our Orbital Blend Systems are the ideal solution for Triple-A related blending and bagging operations

  • Mix time of only 30 seconds per batch, allowing for extremely fast blending operations
  • Direct drive mixer drum and mixer screw, feature quality reducers and clean drive trains
  • Lifting paddles welded to the tank wall assure a fast, thorough mix
  • Material is discharged directly into the
    screw trough
  • Built in 4, 6, and 8 ton capacity sizes.

Download Orbital Mixer Brochure

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“V” Series Vertical Blenders

Waconia “V” Series blenders are designed for reliable, fast, low-maintenance operation. Their tapered auger design and exceptional blend quality make them a popular blend system for a variety of facilities.

  • Low inload height, and low total horsepower
  • 4 ton per minute discharge on 24″ wide PVC belt conveyor.
  • Discharge conveyor can exit out the back o
    r either side
  • Manually operated salem valve
  • TEFC motor and shaft mounted gearbox
  • Tank body is made of 12 GA stainless steel
  • Built in 6, 8, and 10 ton capacity sizes

Download “V” Series Vertical Blenders Brochure