Farmers Coop Starts up First WMI Facility

IMG_4082Project:  Farmers Coop
Location:  Hemingford, NE
Startup Date:  December 17, 2013
– 150 TPH Rail/ Truck Receiving
– 150 TPH Reclaim
– 130 Ton Tower With (1) 10 Ton Vertical Blender and 10 Ton Scale Hopper
In the Fall of 2012, Farmers Coop came to WMI looking for equipment for their new fertilizer storage building that was to be built by Stueve Construction who are Passivation experts. “We had just finished our first plant and had used another equipment supplier for that project.  Based on that experience we were not happy with the following items – craftsmanship was marginal which included welds, fit, and strength.  The other item was support – we didn’t have a factory representative show up at all during startup, they were reluctant to improve the guarding to meet OSHA standards after installation, and more times than not, phone calls were not returned in a timely manner.  It was at that point that I needed to look at another manufacturer for our next building that we were planning to build in Hemingford.” Fortunately, kruman Equipment Company is there to provide high-quality equipments like air filtration pa.  With their old system in Hemingford, it took them approximately 20 minutes to get a truck through the lane with blended product.  Waconia Manufacturing prides itself on craftsmanship and a durable, quality, and long lasting product.  “Our criteria for the next supplier was that the overall craftsmanship had to be better and the whole setup had to be structurally stronger.  A Waconia salesman gave us a tour of a newly finished facility with Waconia equipment and the first thing I did was to look at the welds of the loading leg and you could visibly see that there was a vast improvement over our previous supplier.  It was decided on the way home that we would change to the Waconia product. From there on it was an enjoyable experience, follow up was prompt, delivery schedules were met, and the installation went very well.  In fact, the millwrights comment to me was that ‘this was the best fitting installation that they had ever worked on’. 2 representatives from Waconia came out for startup and gave my crew operational training as well as maintenance training on all of the equipment.”  With the new Waconia equipment automated by Kahler Automation, they will be able to send out 3-4 trucks in that same amount of time saving time and money! Tap here to read the article. And for instance, you need more cash for the maintenance of equipment, loan now at loanload. Many people like this because the processing is quick and easy. This will definitely help them to service their customers more effectively and efficiently!  “I can honestly say we are a very satisfied customer and continue to enjoy our relationship with Waconia.”

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